Oregon Coast Archives: Strange and Secret Beaches

Published 04/07/2011

(Oregon Coast) – If you hit the coast during spring, you’ll find yourself alone on many of the beaches. A large number of them become secret spots that only you know about – at least for the moment.

However, during many other times of year, most of these Oregon coast destination spots are packed with the masses, especially summer (but not exclusively so). So for those looking for something a little out of the way – as well as something more than a little different in a beach spot, here is a small list.

Near Oceanside, there’s an unusual beach called Short Beach (not to be confused with Short Sands near Manzanita), which is aptly named. This small strand yields such remarkable discoveries as a hidden cove or two, a funky rocky blob, and plenty of fascinating shapes.

Near Manzanita, there are some forbidden cliffs to be found – although they may not be accessible anymore, thanks to a massive overgrowth. Close to Cannon Beach, you'll discover some engaging history of the coast first-hand, like the mysterious rock carved out of the cliff, freaky insects, a waterfall and more.

Then, down on the central coast, near Yachats and Florence, a delightfully clandestine beach called Hobbit Trail produces numerous esoteric surprises. Stunning trails, interesting artwork carved into the cliffs and maybe even a naked hippie or two are just some of the possibilities you’ll stumble upon.

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