Oregon Coast Archives: Eating the Beach and Other Wonders

Published 01/20/2013

(Oregon Coast) – It may come as a considerable surprise, but while walking along these lovely shorelines and sands of the Oregon coast, you may be walking past a potential dinner. Then, as in this story published back in 2007, there are also some other remarkable discoveries to be made along the sands as well. (Above: tide pool wonders at Cannon Beach)

According to the Seaside Aquarium, there are lots of edible items to be find on the beach.

“It’s obvious that most things are edible - it's whether or not you like them,” said aquarium education specialist Tiffany Boothe. “You can eat almost all species of snails, clams, octopi and fish. Most aren't going to make you sick.”

There are also lots of other fascinating and odd little tidbits and surprises lurking on these beaches as well. For instance: what are the life spans of some of these odd creatures that wander in and out of the sea, like birds or clams? And just how fast does a starfish move?

There are loads of discoveries to be made, whether you're in Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, Glenede Beach, Pacific City, Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Florence or Yachats.

More lurks in the article Have Your Tide Pool and Eat It Too - Plus Other Oregon Coast Wonders. Or look below.

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