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Pacific City, Oregon

A famous little family eatery where the seafood practically gets shuffled from the sea straight into your mouth. Soups and salads include many seafood specialties, including cioppino, chowders, crab Louie and cheese breads. Fish 'n' chips come w/ various fish. Seafood sandwiches with shrimp, tuna or crab, as well as burgers. Dinners like pan fried oysters, fillets of salmon or halibut, sautéed scallops.

Feed the seals! One of the oldest aquariums in the U.S. is here in Seaside, Oregon, right on the Promenade

Lincoln City’s only resort hotel built right on the beach with all oceanfront rooms - nestled against a rugged cliffside overlooking a soft, sandy beach. Dine in penthouse restaurant and bar, for casual meal or candlelight dinner. An array of seafood specialties, juicy steaks and other Northwest favorites, including decadent Sunday buffet. Rooms range from bedrooms to studios to 1-bedroom suites with microwaves and refrigerators to full kitchens. Also, wi-fi, spa, saunas, exercise room and year-round heated swimming pool. Kids will love the game room and easy beach access. Full-service conference/meeting rooms for that inspirational retreat; extensive wedding possibilities.

There will not be another property built like this in Cannon Beach in our lifetimes. Rare, premiere ocean front location; handsome, dramatic architecture and tasteful, fun (nostalgic) beach interiors. Overlooks Haystack Rock. 100 percent smoke free. Imaginative special occasion packages. Massive wood burning lobby fireplace. Library w/ fireplace, stocked with impressive book collection. Pet and family friendly. Lavish continental buffet breakfast. In-room fireplaces, mini-kitchens. Jacuzzi tubs in select rooms. DVD players, complimentary movies. Morning paper. Warm cookies.

Inn at Wecoma Lincoln City.  Sleek, modern design w some partial ocean views, balconies and fireplaces. Spacious guestrooms w/ microwave, refrigerator, coffeemaker, free continental breakfast.  Indoor pool and a hot tub. W-fi, fitness room, business center, and located within walking distance to finest restaurants. 867-sq-foot conference room for business meetings or large social events. Some pet friendly.

the finest in luxury condominium lodging. Every unit is focused on the beauty of the sea and the beach.

20 gorgeous homes sleep up to 18; doubled that with some side-by-side homes. Some pet friendly. Cottages to massive homes; new oceanfront to renovated historic beach houses. All over central coast w/ Lincoln City, Otter Rock, Boiler Bay and Nye Beach. Long list of features, including barbecues, large decks, antique furnishings, wood stoves, gas fireplaces, hardwood floors, Jacuzzis and hot tubs. Most have movies, music, books. Gift basket w/ goodies in each

Suites, duplex units, houses for 2-8 people. Close to everything. All units w/ kitchens; many have fireplaces, decks, jetted tubs. Robes, slippers, luxury bath amenities and more. Award-winning flowers. Featured on Travel Channel.

Early Oregon Coast Storm Creates Wild Wave Moments

Published 09/27/2011

(Oregon Coast) – The first sizable storm of the season hit the Oregon coast a little early Monday, with big swells and wind gusts reaching up to 50 mph in some spots. These stormy conditions, mixed with large waves generated by a typhoon near Japan on September 21, resulted in some extraordinary swells along the beaches (above: photo Seside Aquarium)..

Kirsten Olson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Portland, said there were 18 to 20-foot swells on Monday, but the coast experienced 20-foot to 22-foot swells on Tuesday.

All this meant sneaker waves were a lot more dangerous and sneaky. This in turn created some wild sights in Seaside Tuesday, as some waves shot past the usual distant tide line and came up to the Turnaround.

Tiffany Boothe of Seaside Aquarium documented this rather rare sight (photo above Seaside Aquarium).

“A few waves went rogue today, as they snaked their way a 100 feet past the tide line, hitting the Seaside Turnaround,” Boothe said.

Forecasters knew something was coming, Elson said, a combination of various things.

Storm surge photo from Seaside Aquarium, from around 2006

Mostly two main elements went into these swells. The first was storm-force winds that were found on the coast that day. These made waves higher in general.

“There were really two groups of things that contributed,” Elson said. “The second group was something generated out in the Pacific.”

That something, according to U.S. Coast Guard warnings, was the typhoon in Japan last week. Those waves took a few days to reach the Oregon coast.

High tides actually had nothing to do with it this time, which is usually what helps generate such conditions.

In essence, the rogue wave event came down to big winds and big swells combining to make one bigger wave.

Keith Chandler, manager of Seaside Aquarium, said he saw plenty of people playing on the beach at Seaside – and they probably shouldn't have been.

Storm surges in Newport

“I saw people scrambling and getting hit by big waves all the time,” Chandler said. “They were lucky. Seaside's beach is pretty forgiving.. If this was a shorter beach, like Newport or Lincoln City, where there are those cliffs behind you, you'd be in trouble.”

Boothe added a few words of warning for conditions like these.

“Beware of the surf,” she said. “If you find that the surf is receding farther than normal you may want to travel a little further up the beach. Abnormal receding surf can be a warning sign that a larger wave is about to come in.”

It's quite likely these events have already resulted in some beach erosion. You may want to check out some areas for a suddenly different look, like Arch Cape or Hug Point near Cannon Beach, Oceanside, the boulders beneath Inn at Spanish Head in Lincoln City, and other places where sand has been covering things up this past season.

Big waves at Devil's Churn near Yachats

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Perfect for large family vacations all the way down to a getaway lodging for two - with over 25 vacation rental homes to choose from. A breathtaking collection of craftsman or traditional beachfront homes, or oceanview houses – from one to seven bedrooms. In various areas of Lincoln City and overlooking the beach, with some in Depoe Bay. All kinds of amenities are available, like hot tubs, decks, BBQ, rock fireplaces, beamed ceilings and more. Some are new, some are historic charmers.

Dozens of homes in that dreamy, rugged stretch between Cannon Beach and Manzanita known as Arch Cape. Oceanfront and ocean view , or just a short walk from the sea.

Beautifully wooded natural setting at quiet south end of Cannon Beach. Great during winter storms with a new book by the fireplace – or when the sun is out for family fun and beach strolling. Handsome beach cottage-style architecture. Lush flowering gardens and naturalized courtyard pond. Warm, inviting guest rooms. Continental buffet breakfast. Warm Cookies. Family and Pet Friendly. Welcome gifts. Smoke-free. Complimentary Wireless Connectivity. Wine and book signing events.


Breathtaking high panoramic beach views from oceanfront rooms, spacious family suites & fully equipped cottages.  Known for gracious hospitality, the sparkling clean Sea Horse features a heated indoor pool, dramatic oceanfront spa, great whale watching, free delux><a href=

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